Long Lasting Lashes!


1. Remove the lash from packaging and measure the length of the lash making sure it fits your own eye shape. (Trim if necessary)

2. Toggle the lash back and forth between your fingers in a U shape.

3. Evenly apply a thin strip of lash adhesive. (the less the better). Wait until the glue is dry and sticky. Note that you should apply the glue on the lower/ under part of the eyelash band and NOT the top.

4. While you wait, curl your natural lashes using a lash curler and apply your mascara. (Optional)

5. Finally, using your tweezers, carefully squeeze the false lash with your natural lash together, from the outer edge to the inner.


Proper care of eyelashes is essential in order to extend their usefulness and ensure a great look each time you wear them.

1. We recommend that you do not apply any mascara to your Lux Obsession Lashes.

2. When you remove your lashes, using some tweezers, gently pull the sections of glue adhered to the lash band.

3. Apply eye makeup remover to a Qtip and gently rub it over the lashes upwards toward the end of the lashes.

4. Let the lashes dry and place them back in original packaging.